Additional 130,000,000 ZPAE to Cater for Institutional Interest and Decentralized Finance.

ZelaaPayAE is announcing the minting of an additional 130,000,000 tokens to coincide with a funding round to help us scale and support liquidity around top exchanges that are to come ahead for ZPAE.

Here is everything you need to know.

In the past month the United Arab Emirates centric utility token ZPAE has seen huge growth that has coincided with the wider Cryptocurrency market. The token’s value increased almost 8-fold in the last week of July alone with its market cap spiking around the $5.5 million mark.

This activity alone has placed ZPAE holders in a very advantageous position, and has come at a fitting time as the foundation prepares their next move that will dramatically bolster the token’s adoption: institutional investment.

The Next Phase of ZPAE

Institutional interest of ZPAE is at an all-time high, and funding rounds are now ready to be executed. The amounts being discussed range
upwards of $5 million (USD) in value, with a consortium of undisclosed institutions among the top prospective investors to carry out the funding round.

This has led the foundation to form an effective strategy that centers around distributing 130,000,000 freshly minted ZPAE. These additional tokens
aim to facilitate the funding round, and come with strict limitations to protect the current circulating ZPAE supply along with its recent price appreciation.

Concretely, the additional tokens will be split and distributed into three groups. The majority of tokens will be locked in a multi-party-controlled
treasury for at least 6 months and will not be circulated in the near term, thus, preventing token inflation. A smaller share of the tokens will be
directed to bolster ZPAE in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem and a further amount will be held by the ZPAE Foundation for growth strategies and to meet demands of high and prominent exchanges.

Let’s look at this distribution in more detail.

How the 130 Million ZPAE will be distributed:

58% ZPAE (75,400,000) will be kept in a treasury with a fixed tenure of 6 months and protected in a multi-sig wallet towards our first OTC round. These tokens will be non-trading for this duration and will be managed by the firm for the investors participating in the round.

21% ZPAE (27,300,000) will be solely controlled by the foundation with a soft lock on the funds. At the end of every quarter 13.5% of the soft-locked
supply will be unlocked. This will gradually introduce tradable tokens and thus promote liquidity.

20% ZPAE (26,000,000) will be soft locked until September 1st and then used to promote the token’s presence in the DeFi ecosystem. These tokens will
provide liquidity in popular DeFi protocols and dramatically bolster ZPAE presence in the rapidly growing space.

The remaining 1% (1,300,000) will be used by ZPAE for growth among exchanges and other strategic collaborations for the project inside of the industry to reach and benefit all existing and new members.

The Benefits

Funding rounds are key for any start-up, and the cryptocurrency space poses unique conditions to how funds enter the market, such as the ability
to distribute ZPAE directly to investors. The foundation view this as a huge opportunity to increase ZPAE adoption that will ultimately benefit token holders in the exciting months and years ahead.

Furthermore, the additional clout of reserve ZPAE and FIAT currency alike will pave the way for larger and more influential business deals that could
range from exchange listings in the centralized exchange arena, development of key infrastructure to coincide with the DeFi evolution, and stronger domestic partnerships in the UAE and immediate surrounding regions to promote token usage.

The ZPAE team will have a lot more to say about upcoming releases as and when they ready to be announced.


In addition, contact details and social media channels, along with ZPAE information, team, roadmap and more, are listed on the official ZelaaPayAE website at

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