Debit Cards

We bring a new layer of possibilities through our ZelaaPayAE Debit Cards powered by crypto which ensures more adoption and easier transacting experiences.

Our key features

Global Accessibillity

A unique 5 multi-currency BIN – meaning ZelaaPay Debit Card spot price (no FX fee = 0% merchant fee to spend) for spending in 8 currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY and others).

Multi-Asset Support

We thrive to make our ecosystem a strategically placed and diverse user-base, therefore our Debit Card will have multiple asset integrations apart from default pairs.


No pre-loading requisite will be required as users will be able to plug in their exchange wallets to the card and can spend on the go, easily.


The next wave of adoption

with the access of spending crypto intuitively, the power is in your hands now.

Limited Edition

Various styles for your debit cards

Join the luxury lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

For now, we have a few basic questions answered but as we deploy and are in the next phase – we will have a dedicated customer support around this product.

At delivery, the debit card will support BTC, ZPAE, ETH.

$99 – This card is made out of plastic with no option to customise. The benefits are limited to only the spending power of crypto assets. 

$149 – This card is made out of plastic but is also matte black which enables consumer to avail exclusive cash back at selected merchants and also provided a tailor made concierge service.