First Ever ZPAE Burn

We have had quite some speculations in the past and continue to have the same constantly – this is normal in the industry where we tread in and spreading false information + market manipulation goes parallel for certain traders that affects the asset value even when there is larger than life announcements.

This is understandably natural as people want to cause dips to accumulate at the bottom and profit at the top.

Considering the same, we believe that shorting the supply of ZPAE helps empower and strengthen the core values for our project after all the FUD.

However, at present the Circulating Supply as represented by widely reputed market index platform – CoinMarketCap is not precise which is causing panic as it keeps increasing and also decreasing drastically, periodically.

We have made sure that all measures have been taken to lower the Circulating Supply and all has been done successfully.

Nonetheless, we wish to go further and push the boundaries. Therefore, our board has approved a motion to burn 10,000,000 ZPAE w.e.f from the Total Supply which were allocated to the ZelaaPayAE Foundation.

Trusting that this will deliver relief and a sense of calm across the community with a strong message that would portray that we care for the bigger vision and delivery of it more than the short monetary gains involved.

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Start Trading ZPAE

ZPAE is now available on your favourite exchanges

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