Klever & ZelaaPay announce partnership to add KLV to POS-system, spread blockchain adoption to UAE & Arabian Gulf Region

Klever.io (KLV), the 4th generation blockchain wallet ecosystem consisting of Klever App and TronWallet with over 1 million total users, and ZelaaPay.ae (ZPAE), one of the most prominent cryptocurrency platform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have announced a 7-point partnership agreement.

The partnership includes adding the KLV token for purchase and sales on all ZelaaPay’s POS devices, ZPAE distribution to KLV holders, ZelaaPay token and service integration into the Klever App, ZPAE using Klever as its default wallet and promoting the usage of Klever throughout the Middle East among other cross-platform integrations.

The UAE is at the forefront of blockchain adoption in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, with numerous initiatives to increase the use of both digital assets and cryptocurrency stablecoins in the Emriates and Arab Gulf, a region with over 54 million inhabitants. The UAE is currently the Klever wallet ecosystem’s seventh largest market in terms of daily active users, and constitutes one of its fastest growing user bases worldwide.

First, KLV will be made available for purchase and sales on ZelaaPay’s Point-of-Sale (POS) devices, which are currently being deployed throughout the UAE and the Gulf Region. The addition of KLV to the ZelaaPay’s POS system will enable the wide acceptance of KLV to consumers at large merchant networks across the retail, hospitality and automobile industries throughout the Middle East.

Second, ZelaaPay will push all its users and communities to use Klever App as their default crypto wallet for ZPAE and all digital asset transactions on the ZelaaPay platform. In other words, ZelaaPay will use and recommend Klever as their main wallet system for all its users and POS systems.

Third, ZelaaPay services and ZPAE tokens, both the TRC20 and the ERC20 version of ZPAE, has been integrated into the Klever App. This integration has enabled the ZPAE communities on both the TRON and Ethereum blockchains to hold, send, receive and charge ZPAE seamlessly inside Klever.

Fourth, in an effort to bring the Klever and ZelaaPay communities closer, ZPAE’s TRC20 tokens will be distributed to KLV holders. More details on this initiative will be released soon.

Fifth, ZPAE will soon be added to Klever Swap, with trading pairs BTC, KLV, TRX, ETH and USDT. This will allow the ZPAE community to seamlessly trade and swap their tokens to and from the most prominent coins in the cryptocurrency market, thereby making it simpler to onboard new users, and satisfy current ones.

Sixth, ZelaaPay will work to promote the use of Klever throughout the UAE and the Gulf Region. ZPAE has through a large network of local partners a strong presence and reach in the UAE, thereby putting Klever at the forefront of the crypto revolution in the Arabian Gulf Region. ZelaaPay’s network of partners in the UAE and the GCC region include members of one of the most prominent royal office of UAE, Lead Ventures, in addition to DigiByte Foundation, Tron Foundation, PundiX and others, further enabling Klever to reach even further adoption in the Middle East and beyond.

Seven, ZelaaPay and Klever has commenced plans to organize a joint blockchain meetup in Dubai, promoting both products to ZelaaPay’s partners in members of the Emerati royal families, the UAE blockchain community and general public. The joint conference will empower the adoption of Klever and ZPAE in the GCC region, while inviting the global communities of both companies to take part through digital channels and livestream.

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Klever.io (KLV) and ZelaaPay.ae (ZPAE) have announced a 7-point partnership agreement to expand Klever’s reach in the GCC region and integrate ZPAE into Klever

The UAE has taken a progressive approach to the regulation of blockchain and crypto assets, and has strong vision to implement a comprehensive blockchain strategy to enable transparency and agility among financial institutions and governmental departments, under the Smart Dubai Initiative.

In2018, the UAE launched the Emirate Blockchain Strategy 2021, outlining a plan to migrate over 50% of government-related transactions to blockchain platforms before the end of 2021. When complete, the initiative is intended to save around 3 billion USD from reduced transaction and document processing and reduce more than 77 million work hours, which highlights the open progressive attitude that the UAE government has toward decentralized blockchain-based technologies. In light of this, Klever and ZelaaPay aim to jointly play a major role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf.

About ZelaaPay

ZPAE is at the forefront of the crypto and blockchain movement in the UAE, aiming to enable 54 million people around the Gulf to adopt more efficient and simpler crypto-centric transactions. ZPAE aims to facilitate the digital transfer of Emirati Dirham (AED) — and in the future other fiat currencies as well — with a single click of a button, while allowing their users to invest your assets in ZPAE to benefit from booming blockchain adoption in the GCC countries. Find out more about ZPAE, visit: zelaapay.ae.

About Klever

Klever is a simple, secure & decentralized p2p crypto wallet ecosystem for Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum and other top coins, tokens and cryptocurrency assets. With over 1 million downloads from 193 countries worldwide, the Klever ecosystem caters to a global audience of over 250k daily active users of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency holders. Klever App is built on top of Klever OS, which uses advanced security mechanisms that completely protects the user’s private keys, and makes private keys and sensitive data available only on the user’s specific device, utilizing the latest military-grade technology for encryption. For more information and to download the Klever App for iOS or Android, visit: www.klever.io.

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