Moving Forward from Here…..

Hello, all people in ZPAE from around the world, we had a great start and support from influencers, partners and communities. As we continued to build our products portfolio to strengthen the core of our vision which is to bring mass crypto adoption to UAE, we did face slowdowns while pursuing the bigger picture but now things are taking shape.

Couple important aspects and implementations that we would like to address at this stage are as follows,

Exchange Listings:

ZPAE was ready to get listed on a high performing and top ranked exchange and we even followed all the guidelines inclusive of the audit from Certik, however the listing was pulled back when the exchange fell into a crisis and is still going through it.

We had to then look for immediate alternatives and started getting in touch with more exchanges who share the same reputation as the big one that we were getting on. This process took time and extended our timeframe commitments to the community, but now things look very well in shape and we shall be able to start trading on the next big exchange owned by Tron in approximately a timeline of on or before the 5th December 2020.


We decided internally to host a buyback on exchanges of a cumulative value of $100,000 – out of which we did spend to buy ZPAE from Cointiger & Bilaxy but the event became predictable and investors started dumping on us which discouraged the company to proceed further with the commitment.

Later, we did decide to unpredictably do these buybacks periodically and make an announcement once done to empower an organic growth.


A highly important aspect towards the success of a project is marketing and we only learn which methods work and are most affective only after constant experimentation.

ZelaaPayAE worked with influencers, marketing firms and other people from the domain, it took us a lot of time to understand the impact that each activity creates on our ecosystem and how it is linked to the market of ZPAE.

Therefore, we are now working in an open-source environment with an inhouse marketing team establishment which will work directly on creating case-by-case campaigns with influencers inside of crypto and companies. This new team will also constantly involve community members in their campaigns for the best feedback.

Regulatory Aspect:

We have been very fortunate to work with industry leaders in United Arab Emirates and have our vision shared with equal enthusiasm. There has been a lot of behind the scenes developments happening for ZPAE in UAE, majority of it being our efforts to align ZelaaPayAE in accordance to the upcoming regulations in UAE by the Central Bank of UAE which will accelerate us as an industry standard and benchmark firm in all of UAE to operate a crypto-payments company nationally and in line with the regulations.


Moving forward from here ZPAE is bound to have the following:

  • New Exchanges
  • Swap from ERC20 to TRC20 and becoming a single chain through a token bridge
  • New Partnerships inside of Crypto
  • ZPAE acquiring a regulated crypto license in UAE
  • ZelaaPayAE Crypto Powered Debit Cards

While these stay as the blueprint goals and paths to pave ZPAE to success, the bigger value and picture in simple words will always be – becoming a blockchain powered payments company in UAE and bringing mainstream adoption to the Middle East

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