The ZPAE Crypto Debit Card

The financial revolution is a luxury to witness for most around the world. Economies have often rewarded people who sit at the highest of the pyramid and as a privilege the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has immensely contributed to bridge this supremacy and make an approach for a democratic financial revolution which is advantageous to everybody in the succession.

Individuals around the world have gradually commenced learning about the freedom that our industry proposes them and for the citizens who have understood the crucial fundamentals of this industry, have already advanced to another realm in terms of financial liberty.

Lessons to be learnt so far is that people are attracted in gathering and partaking in this new kind of economy however they are uncertain as it regularly looks further complicated than the actuality is. Therefore, to create this seamless convergence, we at ZelaaPayAE have worked and are functioning on making it naiver and abundantly more accessible for public to ride this movement.

We are building a fiat-to-crypto debit card which will enable the spending influence of the majority and empower them to spend our crypto-asset “ZPAE” around and across the United Arab Emirates.

Our ZPAYae card works by syncing with a ERC-20 supportive mobile wallet and then in the backend it connects to the most liquid market that ZPAE is trading on.

You will then be able to top-up the mobile wallet with ZPAE and spend with the ZPAYae card at merchants that we go on cooperating with at their unique ZPAE accepting point-of-sale terminals.

The distinguishing factor is that we do not permit storing any other cryptocurrency additional than ZPAE on our card so that there is only one digital currency with concentrated spotlight and effectiveness around UAE which ultimately will make ZPAE a monopoly and deliver it a convergence with the traditional spending patterns adjacent to that of AED.

At present-day, we are delighted to showcase the design and appearance of our ZPAYae debit card and we are in production phases presently – forecasting to roll the product out later in Q3 2020 singularly to ZPAE holders.

Start Trading ZPAE

ZPAE is now available on your favourite exchanges

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The ZPAE Crypto Card Has Landed! Reserve yours today!

Start Trading ZPAE

ZPAE is now available on your favourite exchanges

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