ZelaaPayAE to build fiat-crypto utilities with a consortium of 14 banks!

The convergence of fiat-to-crypto has been a phenomena that citizens around the world has experienced and still continue to experience. 

Easiness of the entire process of bringing a user onto crypto has been a lucrative process not just for crypto projects but even for crypto exchanges around the world, exchanges worked tirelessly to build and create technologies which could help them leverage direct on-ramps for fiat currencies to support their users to participate and bank on crypto seamlessly. 

However the divide with the frugality of tradition banks with crypto firms had given rise to the stalling of mainstreaming adaptability and getting every single person into crypto – we at ZelaaPayAE are ready to change that starting today. 

Today, we announce a very strong technological alliance with Dapi – that gives us direct access and on-ramp API to a payments ecosystem that comprises of 14 major banks all over UAE. 

What is Dapi?

Dapi is the bridge between your app and your user’s bank accounts. Our unified open banking API allows you to retrieve data on user’s financial information and make payments with a quick single integration.

Working with Dapi enables you to:

• Focus on providing a seamless user experience with any bank related activity

• Reduce the cost and time associated with integrating financial services into your product

Gone are the days when your users needed to leave your platform or physically go to the bank. Forget about any middlemen handling your company’s financial transactions; your focus should be on the functionality of your application, while Dapi makes connecting to banks simple, scalable and secure.

ZelaaPayAE will be utilising this Unified Payments Interface and leveraging it to build intuitive AED on-ramps for major exchanges and will also use this technology in our products as applicable to advance fiat-to-crypto conversions, we now have direct payments and tech access to the below financial institutions: 

  1. RAKBank 
  2. Commercial Bank of Dubai
  3. CITI Bank
  4. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 
  5. First Abu Dhabi Bank
  6. Dubai Islamic Bank
  7. Emirates Islamic
  8. South Indian Bank 
  9. Mashreq Bank 
  10. Noor Bank 
  11. LIV Bank
  12. Mashreq Neo 
  13. Emirates NBD
  14. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 

This is major achievement by a crypto company and makes ZelaaPayAE stand at the forefront of this financial revolution. 

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