ZelaaPayAE is Tokenizing Real World Assets in the United Arab Emirates

DeFi re-invented brought to you by ZelaaPayAE

ZelaaPayAE is the gate keeper for any blockchain business or project that wants to enter the United Arab Emirates.

A lot has been accomplished in just ten weeks since the project’s launch that took place in the UAE at the very top floor of the Burj Khalifa. ZPAE has secured partnership agreements with the great leaders in the UAE, well known and established blockchain projects and now ZelaaPayAE is building a platform where anyone anywhere in the world can invest in real world assets backed by several large real estate developers in the UAE and also with major brands from other domains that promote high value assets that only appreciate over time.

The platform is currently being developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain, some of the features of the platform include:

  • Allow tokenization of high value real-world assets that only appreciate in value over fixed timeframes to investors participate and take a percentage of ownership from anywhere around the world over our platform.
  • Give investors a wide array of access to private real estate and appreciating assets in United Arab Emirates –investment opportunities with individual yields, while empowering transparency and boosting liquidity
  • Investor dashboard to keep track of your earnings and ROI over the locked tenure
  • Asset owner dashboard to keep track of your campaign
  • Raise capital faster and securely via USDT or Ethereum for asset owners 

The platform is currently being developed and is set to be fully launched in September, we will keep the community updated regarding the progress of the platform to gather feedback to make some improvements.

Our main goal is to bring real world use cases to the ZPAE utility token, we are constantly working with great visionaries in the UAE to adopt blockchain technology nationally. ZPAE will be at the forefront of this blockchain revolution in the United Arab Emirates.

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