ZPAE Backs and Partners with Swirge Network

The twitter hack phenomena the world witnessed last evening was unfortunate and rather scary as it was started when the twitter social media account of Binance was hacked and started promoting a phishing bitcoin scam – which was later carried forward by compromising accounts of the most influential and global personalities and also of giant companies. (see detailed list below). 

  1. Barack Obama, former United States President
  2. Elon Musk, Entrepreneur, CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, The Boring Company
  3. Bill Gates, Entrepreneur and Founder of Microsoft
  4. Joe Biden, Democratic Nominee For President of the United States
  5. Warren Buffett, Investor And Tycoon
  6. Jeff Bezos, Entrepreneur and Founder of Amazon
  7. Mike Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Former Mayor of New York City
  8. Kanye West, Musician And Entrepreneur
  9. Wiz Khalifa, Musician
  10. Floyd Mayweather, Boxer
  11. Apple, Software and Hardware Giant
  12. Uber, Cab Aggregator Service
  13. Binance, Cryptocurrency Exchange Company
  14. Cash App, Mobile Payment Service in the US
  15. Tron Foundation, block-chain based operating system company

The sudden attack and the Bitcoin the hackers made from running this activity made one thing for sure, there are vulnerabilities in almost every traditional technology business and these attacks are unpredictable and disastrous. 

Today, we at ZelaaPayAE would like to take this opportunity and this unfortunate event to highlight the importance of a wide Decentralized Social Network – which leaves no room for such attacks and makes for a comfortable space to share and exchange thoughts. 

In light of the same, we made some quick decisions overnight and have now invested and partnered with Swirge Network to build and deliver a world-class decentralized social networking platform for global audiences to participate in. 

Swirge is a Decentralized Social media built on the Basic-chain Blockchain. Giving full control of user data and privacy back to the people. No censorship or deletion of user data. 

Finally you now have complete control over your account and data. No third Party can delete your data or account even the Swirge Team can’t. 

  • Securely Connect with people on the No.1 Decentralized Social media platform. You own full control over your account and privacy. 
  • Free Unlimited Cloud storage, Find out what’s happening in the crypto community and beyond. 
  • Buy and Sell in the Most secure Decentralized Marketplace. 
  • Follow trending hashtags.

Receive and Send Cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat currencies in our Decentralized wallet.

and do much more with Swirge… A completely Decentralized and Secure platform.

The Swirge app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. It’s also your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing photos. It’s easy to share photos straight from your Android camera, and you have full control over your photos and privacy settings. You can choose when to keep individual photos private or even set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.

Swirge also helps you keep up with the latest news and current events around the world. Subscribe to your favorite celebrities, brands, news sources, artists, or sports teams to follow their newsfeeds, watch live streaming videos and be caught up on the latest happenings no matter where you are!

The most important desktop features of Swirge are also available on the app, such as writing on timelines, liking photos, browsing for people, and editing your profile and groups.

Our involvement in Swirge makes it more accessible and puts ZelaaPayAE again at the forefront of this breakthrough which is much needed and will eventually take off – nonetheless, the vision and mission being to give people a platform that they run themselves. 

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