ZPAE Partners with DigiByte Foundation

ZelaaPayAE has always promoted collaboration and mutual help, in the current scenario, this is what we need to move up and onward, a better understanding, partnership and cooperation. The United Arab Emirates is a monumentally bigger untapped market for a lot of promising projects and Crypto companies. ZelaaPayAE has been a gateway to them. Following the Similar belief and leveraging the ability to be the Gateway in the region, ZelaaPayAE has partnered with DGB (DigiByte Blockchain).

DigiByte is a truly decentralized UTXO blockchain launched six years ago on January 10, 2014. Following the decentralized nature of blockchain DigiByte is also a truly permissionless; because there is no central authority. Its blockchain is also completely open source released under the MIT license.

DigiByte shares the same vision as ZelaaPayAE focusing on speed, security and scalability.

We have decided to support DGB in the following manner:

  • ZelaaPayAE will promote DGB to our communities in a cross-marketing effort and reach 100,000 people in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah within the first week of our collaboration.
  • ZelaaPayAE will help DGB list on the Pundi XPOS globally.

In lieu of the same, DigiByte foundation has agreed to support in the following ways:

  • DigiByte Foundation will promote ZPAE across their Twitter and Telegram communities of 100,000+ people.
  • DigiByte Foundation will help ZPAE list on key prominent exchanges faster and will help with communications with the same.

This non-myopic hypermetric mutual support has the whole nine yards planned. Being at Cusp of change as always ZelaaPayAE will always be the front runner in terms of stronger Strategic Partnerships which support our underlying belief of inclusion, with impeccable timing of executing them.

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