ZPAE Partners with GHOSTbyMcAfee

Lately, ZelaaPayAE entered into a corporation with GHOST which is instituted by renowned entrepreneur John McAfee – this blog is to identify and enlighten the benefits of this partnership to the GHOST ecosystem as well as the ZelaaPayAE ecosystem.

ZelaaPayAE is growing bigger than expected in terms of creating a consortium of partners and supporters, all wanting to tap the humongous potential that United Arab Emirates offers – if penetrated successfully. We become the gateway for promising projects and crypto companies to leverage the Gulf markets and that is the reason why there is a sudden spike in partnerships within our ecosystem – signs that the globally active projects with significant achievements in their milestones are now foreseeing the power of our firm in UAE.

Ghost is a privacy focused, anonymous and decentralized payment network that is based on a sustainable proof-of-stake consensus algorithm with incentivized operators.

It’s token, GHOST, employs cutting-edge cryptographical technology to allows it’s users to transact within the most advanced privacy standards.

GHOST offers a wide variety of value additions to ZPAE and these are as follows :

  • GHOST, through its active community of 10,000+ members helps ZPAE gain exposure – but more than that, the founder of GHOST Mr. John McAfee with a following of close to 1,000,000 people, provides a massive outreach to ZPAE and puts us in the limelight globally.
  • GHOST also supports ZPAE through their business network and highlights more utility opportunities to ZPAE.
  • One such example is that GHOST is listed on Bilaxy and even ZPAE is listed on Bilaxy under the same ETH pairs – which makes it easier for GHOST traders to enter our ecosystem and vice-versa.

These are just some early advantages that GHOST offers ZPAE as the project is in very early stages but as it grows further – ZPAE will have an equal opportunity to tap into all partnerships/listings and associations that GHOST enters.

In terms of ZPAE supporting GHOST, we do that in the following ways :

  • ZPAE connects GHOST to their business network and helps GHOST find suitable listings, partnerships and marketing activities outside of United Arab Emirates.
  • ZPAE recently supported GHOST by helping them start the listing process on Pundi Labs innovative XPOS (Crypto Point-Of-Sales Terminal) which is already deployed outside of UAE – gaining their token more utility.

Our firm is indeed promoting and supporting these well planned partnerships but as it has been portrayed and made clear several times that ZPAE will always be at the forefront of all our alliances and plans but at the same time we believe in inclusion and that is why we create stronger alliances to move ahead faster, smoother and as one grand superpower – instead of competing and strategically partnering with the right projects at the right time.

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