ZPAE to enable fastest crypto payments in UAE

الخطر الأعظمم على معظمنا هو ليس أن يكون هدفنا عال جداً, و أن نخفق في تحقيقه, بل أن يكون سهلاً جداً و نحققه

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

The TRON community votes for 27 Super Representatives, who then generate and validate blocks within a 3 second block time, through a decentralized autonomous organization. Super Representatives are re-elected every 6 hours. The 27 Super Representatives also govern the network by proposing and voting for TIP (TRON Improvement Proposal) in the TRON committee

Our partnership with Tron made our focus even stronger to harness the speed and agility of the technology and encourage customers to use the TRC20 protocol ZPAE which is now live on Tron blockchain

Let us summarise the fundamentals of this newly formed TRC20 ZPAE:

  • ZPAE TRC20 is formed to enable us to process transactions faster at nonexistent transaction fees which makes way for us to dominate the consumer payments ecosystem in UAE giving us an edge over Visa or MasterCard’s traditional transactional usage by consumers. 
  • ZPAE gets priority access and liquidity through listings on JustSwap, PoloniDEX, Poloniex and other enterprises owned by Tron, wherever an integration is suitable and possible. 
  • This also gives ZPAE massive exposure and helps identify and tap into more existing users of Tron in United Arab Emirates

The economics around the ZPAE TRC20 asset: 

  •   1,000,000,000 ZPAE are minted in the smart contract which sits on Tron.
  •    650,000,000 ZPAE will get locked in a time based smart contract wallet which will unlock when we debut and roll-out the ZPAE debit card in UAE. 

These funds will be used for staking, cash-backs, merchant rewards, discounts, as transaction fees for using other crypto-assets on ZPAE debit card and many other use-cases.

  • 260,000,000 ZPAE will be used to provide liquidity to existing exchanges and upcoming exchanges to enable the swap between ERC20 and TRC20.
  • 50,000,000 ZPAE will be used to lock liquidity on JustSwap
  • 40,000,000 ZPAE will be used in airdrops to existing ZPAE ERC20 token holders and portion of it will also be used for giveaways and all sorts of marketing activities to promote utility for it. 

In terms of near future changes to our existing smart contract, we are positively assessing the possibility to remove the MinterFunction from the contract to disable minting of any more ZPAE

With all these measures we are avoiding diluting current token holders while providing us all options to achieve massive adoption in the payments sector all around UAE based on ZPAE.

Public exchanges where ZPAE is currently available to trade on have already been notified to integrate TRC20 wallets for users of ZPAE and these integrations have started and while some are in the process, others are already live for users to enjoy. 

In our mission of cryptonizing United Arab Emirates, this decision will play a major role and enable us to compete strongly with existing payment companies to create our monopoly.

Start Trading ZPAE

ZPAE is now available on your favourite exchanges

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Start Trading ZPAE

ZPAE is now available on your favourite exchanges

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