ZelaaNFT is a unique marketplace to buy or sell NFTs of exclusive celebrities, artists, brands and gaming metaverses. Made with love on top of Polygon.

Featured Artists

Lindsay Lohan

Actress. Artist. Philanthropist.


Supermodel. 15x Playboy Cover Model. NFT Collector.

Soulja Boy

– Artist. Rapper. Entrepreneur.

Up, Close & Personal with the celebrities you love!

Collect NFTs of celebrities on ZelaaNFT and often be entitled with chances to meet, chat or collaborate with them. Each celebrity NFT you collect with ZelaaNFT is backed by an experience that you never imagined before.

Get 1-on-1 with your favourite brands.

We bring to you collectibles of brands you look up to. ZelaaNFT makes your shopping experience next level as we gear up to work with top fashion brands around the globe to deliver NFTs that can be redeemed for physical pieces at their stores while sustaining the value in staked NFTs you own.

Play-To-Earn Gaming.

for the first-time ever as a marketplace, ZelaaNFT will introduce game assets as NFTs to collect from our platform and use in games that are building up in the Metaverse. Be ready for exclusive deals, cheat codes and more to play.

First Ever NFT Art Gallery licensed by the Government of Sharjah coming up at SRTIP.

ZelaaNFT is privileged to have bagged a physical license to open doors to our very own NFT Art Gallery that will be the hub for artists and collectors to appreciate art. This will be a first of its kind experience in UAE and is currently under construction.

Over $4M+

In bids placed

Auctions participated

Get to know more about our Roadmap

We do have it all planned out and streamlined but let us go over our vision chronologically, for you.

ZelaaNFT partners with Polygon

In accordance to drive the adoption of NFTs and go mainstream, we are happy to announce a strategic collaboration with Polygon.

10 Celebrities Mystery Box NFTs

ZelaaNFT will launch an anticipated set of 10 celebrity NFTs (in a joint collaboration) wrapped in boxes with each having an experience attached with it.

5 Fashion Brand NFTs Flash Sale

ZelaaNFT is in advanced talks with a couple top names from the fashion industry to launch a series of redeemable non-fungible tokens.

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