The ZPAE Crypto Card Has Landed

Pay with ZelaaPay Debit Card around the world at 40,000,000+ merchants

Global Accessibillity

A unique 5 multi-currency BIN – meaning ZelaaPay Debit Card spot price (no FX fee = 0% merchant fee to spend) for spending in 8 currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY and others)

Multi-Crypto Asset Support

We thrive to make our ecosystem a strategically placed and diverse user-base, therefore our Debit Card will have multiple asset integrations apart from default pairs.

Omnibus Framework

No pre-loading requisite will be required as users will be able to plug in their exchange wallets to the card and can spend on the go, easily.

In Production

The next wave of adoption

Our ecosystem of product portfolio is expanding and the Debit Card offering is a key fundamental in our vision to cryptonize.


The Matte Black Concierge

Join the Luxury Lifestyle


Shipped in 15-16 weeks after you place your order
The basic version costs $99 and the Limited Edition Matte Black costs $149
At delivery, the debit card will support BTC, ZPAE, KLV, DGB and TRX.
The card is free-of-cost and we are not charging anything for the card. The value equivalent to your selected option will be preloaded in the form of fiat currency for which you can pay now using DGB, TRX and USDT. You are basically opening your debit card with a balance.

The ZPAE Crypto Card Has Landed! Reserve yours today!

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